Anti fouling

Your boat will require a re-coat of its anti-fouling system every 18 to 24 months.

We will provide a quote for your job. This will be discussed with you before work starts.    
About every 10 years, old and flaky antifoul must be removed and a new system re-applied. Once the old antifoul is scraped away the entire hull is exposed. Modifications or repairs are then carried out.

The whole hull is then sanded (if necessary, the antifoul height above waterline is adjusted), masked up,  two to four coats of undercoat are applied and then three coats of antifoul wet on wet. This is usually done same day to achieve a proper chemical bond.

We will advise which antifoul is best for your boat.


We are an approved applicator for Propspeed.

Propspeed is a coating system that goes on metallic running gear that is below the waterline. Anything not anti-fouled is a treated with Propspeed. This prevents marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the waterline.

Propspeed performs differently on every boat and depends on how often the boat is used. Consequently, it can last between 12-24 months. 

It is an environmentally safe product and does not contain copper, tin, or any other toxic substances that may cause pollution.


A boat Painters job consists of:

75% sanding
15% masking & taping
8% painting
2% telling jokes

Cut & Polishing

Our team can cut & polish just about anything –  from motor homes, to cars, to recreational trailer boats and boats of up to 20 metres in length.

Cut & polishing brings paint work from its original dull oxidised state to a gleaming shiny surface and finished with a UV resistant wax overcoat. A lot of old gel coats go chalky, so cut & polishing it will bring the surface as close to new as possible.


Nyalic is a crystal clear polymeric resin coating that provides years of protection against chemical, environmental and ultraviolet corrosion on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, galvanized, anodized, powder coated and painted surfaces.


Repainting is a big portion of our business. We repaint any boat from 8 metres upwards, recreational to commercial vessels. It could be a gel coated boat hull that has oxidised over time, or perhaps an older timber launch. We can paint any type of hull and are familiar with all the major paint manufacturers’ products.

You may want us to simply tidy-up your boat’s paintwork, or perhaps re-varnish a traditional wooden hull, or you may be a client with high expectations demanding an absolutely perfect finish. Any type of coating on any type of boat!

We specialise in new-builds and are familiar with all types of painting systems. We can also paint or varnish interiors and cabinetry. 


We don’t just work with modern boats and are experienced at restoring paint or varnish on classic launches or yachts, bringing them back to original as-new condition.  Any repair work that may be needed prior to re-coating can be arranged. We recommend Pine Harbour-based Harkin Boat Building Ltd, but if you have a contractor you would prefer to use then we are happy to accommodate them.

When it comes to old boats, the paint companies will generally have a modern alternative for any product that’s not now in use.

We work closely with the paint company reps and work to the specifications they provide us. Paint work is documented for future reference – what system is used, right down to the temperature and conditions on the day the paint was applied.


We can touch up any type of paint or gelcoat in any colour, no matter how small or large.

Varnish work

We use a wide variety of varnish, oils, stains etc to suit differing needs.