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We offer top quality new-build painting and repainting for any size of recreational and commercial vessel. Your boat is in safe hands with us. Our expertise in boat repainting, boat restoration and boat servicing ensures your boat is in safe hands.


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Boat sheds at water’s edge

Pine Harbour Boat Painters Ltd occupy two boat sheds at Pine Harbour Marina. The sheds can house three boats at any one time, up to 17.5m in length. There is also a purpose-built 9m spray booth and an adjacent outdoor hard stand area for antifouling and general maintenance. The company plans to stay at Pine Harbour long term and has made a sizeable investment on facilities to bring them to state-of-the-art standard.



Warwick Heaney

Warwick Heaney

“We never compromise quality for time and give our clients realistic schedules that accommodate their needs. When accessing a boat, we’ll give an honest assessment of the tasks to be done and schedule it in to meet our clients expectations and budget.”

Boat services applied with expertise


It could be a gel coated boat hull that has oxidised over time, or perhaps an older timber launch.
About every 10 years, old and flaky antifoul must be removed and a new system re-applied.

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Propspeed is a coating system that goes on metallic running gear that is below the waterline. Anything not anti-fouled is a treated with Propspeed. This prevents marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the waterline.

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We repaint any boat from 8 metres upwards, recreational to commercial vessels. It could be a gel coated boat hull that has oxidised over time, or perhaps an older timber launch. We can paint any type of hull and are familiar with all the major paint manufacturers’ products.

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We don’t just work with modern boats and are experienced at restoring paint or varnish on classic launches or yachts, bringing them back to original as-new condition. Any repair work that may be needed prior to re-coating can be arranged.

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